You may think that because it hardly ever snows where you live, winter tyres are a waste of time. This is not the case. Winter tyres are designed to cope with all types of poor weather conditions and not just the snow.  During the winter months, driving conditions can be challenging and making sure you are safe on the roads is important. Winter tyres are one of the key factors in ensuring you are safe on the roads during the winter season.

In temperatures below 7°C the compound and rubber in a summer tyre begins to harden. A winter tyre is constructed with a different type of special rubber formulation and construction – so the tyre is able to remain flexible and performs better in lower temperatures.

It’s not only on snow and ice though, once the temperature falls beneath 7°C, winter tyres can provide you with reduced braking in wet conditions and minimise the risk of aquaplaning when the snow begins to thaw.

Why use Winter Tyres?

  • Your tyres are one of the most important parts of your vehicle – they directly affect your car’s performance, efficiency and safety.
  • In poor driving conditions, especially when the temperature drops below 7°C, your standard tyres become less effective.
  • Shorter Stopping Distances – Compared to summer tyres, winter tyres reduce braking distance significantly in snow and ice.
  • Standard tyres harden in colder temperatures which can compromise performance, grip, braking and safety.
  • Cost saving – Winter tyres can improve your fuel efficiency by up to 20% compared to tyres designed for summer driving.
  • Increased tyre life.

Winter Tyres are available from Trade Tyres, Blackburn, Lancashire.

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